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If you’re passionate about telecoms, media and technology, you could be just who we’re looking for. At Analysys Mason we value sharp, enquiring minds; people who want to be challenged, who thrive on real responsibility and who can solve complex problems.

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Join Analysys Mason and you’ll be part of a company with unique expertise. From primary research to benchmarking, from due diligence to proposition development and from commercial review to detailed modelling, our skills have proved invaluable to global operators, regulators and end users for over 25 years.

As one of our consultants or researcher analysts, you’ll be personally involved in shaping and defining the sector we work in; helping our clients to make sense of opportunities and to identify the best strategies for success. Your work will redefine markets and drive progressive sector change. Most importantly, you’ll know you’re playing an active role in a bigger communications story: one that delivers real and lasting benefits to people around the world.

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