Working for us

At Analysys Mason, you’ll work alongside some of the most talented people in the TMT sector. Their expertise and passion make a great case for joining us.

Whether consultant or researcher, all our people are driven by complex intellectual challenges. With enquiring minds that aren’t satisfied until they’ve considered every angle and option, they produce work of the highest quality.

Our consultants

anju_aggawal_lead_consultant_landing anju_aggawal_lead_consultant_landing kunal_bajaj_partner_landing
Brian Burns
Anju Aggawal
Kunal Bajaj

For the last 25 years our consultants have been shaping and redefining the TMT space. We continue to develop creative solutions to the next generation of client challenges.


Our research analysts

chris_lambet_associate_consultant fiona_glennon_head_of_research helen_karapandzic_senior_analyst
Chris Lambert
Research Analyst
Jonny Pearson
Research Analyst
Helen Karapandzic
Senior Analyst

Constantly tracking and watching the TMT space, our researchers ensure our clients identify market opportunities and maximise their potential.